About Herb Potato

Hey guys and girls! Welcome to Herb Potato!

The idea behind this blog is pretty simple. Herb Potato provides its readers with a weekly updated list of iHerb discount codes for existing customers for the leading organic goods store online.

That’s right friends, Herb Potato gets updated every Thursday with fresh iHerb offers. There are a lot of coupon sites online but the discounts found on them rarely work.

With Herb Potato you will only see working iHerb discounts and you can save real money from every order you make.

I might make a typing error once in a while… But other than that, all the iHerb promo codes and discounts listed on this website will work. Try them and see for yourself!

What is iHerb?

If you are reading this page, you probably already know what iHerb is. It is, of course, the leading organic goods store on the internet with over 35 000 products on sale.

iHerb ships products all over the world with truly low prices.

I myself live in northern Europe and have been a customer of iHerb for 10 years now. I have made about a 100 orders in total to iHerb and ALL of them have arrived on time with no problems.

How did you make this beautiful and extremely fast website?

I have made several websites previous to this one but when I started putting Herb Potato together, I decided to move all my websites to SiteGround WordPress Hosting.

I can honestly say, it was the best website building decision I have ever made. I previously had my websites at BlueHost. They were good too. The hosting worked for most of the time without problems and the customer support was mostly helpful.

But SiteGround is from another planet. In 6 months I have had zero downtime on my websites, loading speeds have improved significantly and the customer support is best in business.

Every time I have contacted their customer support the support personnel have been respectful and answered all my questions and solved all my hosting problems very swiftly.

And to top it all, their hosting is very low-priced. Just take a look at SiteGrounds hosting plans. You can get top-tier WordPress Hosting for 90 dollars per year.

Herb Potato?

Another question you might have is why on earth is this website called Herb Potato??

Well, for no particular reason. Why not? I like potatoes and the domain was available.

So, enjoy the site, find amazing discounts every week and save real money from every iHerb order you make with Herb Potato!

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